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The story behind.


In a world where we can get shoes for €9,99 it’s hard to grasp the meaning of having bespoke shoes handmade for the comfort of your feet.

Andreas Weiß is a good old bootmaker from Bremen. In our first brainstorming he mentioned: “My customers are aging and it’s hard to convince the younger generation that a pair of handmade boots is what they need. Could you create an identity which attracts the millennials?” I replied: “Don’t worry Andi, I’ve got this one. Leave the millennials to me.“ Off I went to design in a hipster friendly art direction.

Since 1965.


The design is rather simple: A shoe, an indication of experience and seams.

The reason why the ‘Since 1965’ is emphasized throughout the brand is because Andreas has been sewing shoes for over 40 years, day in and day out. Can you imagine that? Thats 4, 0. We had to get this story out there.

Andis Lieblingspaste (Andi’s favourite paste).


As part of the new corporate identity, we wanted to enable customers to interact with the brand. Instead of simply selling his boot creations, Andreas wanted to share some pro shoe insights. For this purpose a series of products was created, Andis Lieblingspaste was one of them.

Polish your shoes.


The idea behind „Poliere deine Schuhe glücklich“ („Polish your shoes happy“), was to turn the rather boring task of shoe cleaning into something special and enjoyable. We sometimes need advice like this to really understand the value of certain things. The Weiß CI is all about understanding value.

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