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What I did

Art direction

Film + cut


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The whole team was involved

Change management.


At the end of 2015, the moskito brand agency went bankrupt due to mismanagement. Two former employees bought the agency in order to carry on with the business.

This change in management had to be displayed transparently towards the client base. We came up with a series of short clips, shown on social media, presenting faces, personalities and stories of moskito. I created the storyboard supported by the team, I did the filming, cut the filmed material and chose the music.

The first video was about our move to a new office building. We had to communicate that the telephone lines were cut off for a while. So we started off with 10 ways you cannot reach us, and 1 way that you can.

Creative strategists.


We wanted to introduce the new management of moskito and presented our two bosses as ‘creative strategists’. One responsible for the business side of things, the other one handling creative matters. We tried to show this polarity in a funny, fresh yet informative duo-interview clip.

Irony is truth.


To make people understand what moskito is all about we started off creating a series of videos that portrayed our philosophy in a humorous, ironical way. Check out this example, it’s from the ‘design rules’ series.

Other projects