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Content Decoded.


It all started with the client asking me: “We already have some visuals for our ‘Content Decoded’ conference. Can you create an animation we could show as the backdrop for the speakers?”

The existing visual was basically just a character with a TV on its shoulders. My approach was to bring this character to life, to make it more accessible. So I gave it a name, calling him Deco (the content decoder), and made him the main actor of the clip. He jumps, he lands, he has a phone, he searches, he decodes.

Next thing I know, everyone involved with the event is talking about Deco. He seemed to have become the star of the show.

Staying agile.


A year later the same client asked me to create another backdrop video loop. The event posters were already designed, so I just had to somehow integrate the agile footsteps in an animation.

A fast solution.

I thought it would be painstaking creating each footstep with After Effects, so I turned the footsteps into a font. The letter A was the left foot, letter B was the right foot. So off went the letters A B A B A B A B, creating the illusion of walking feet all over the video. Fast and painless.

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