Artboard 37100

What I did

Art and camera direction

Cut + animation

Artboard 38100


Grewe Holding GmbH

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Artboard 40100


Ole von Öhsen (Camera)

Germany’s biggest tree cutter on wheels.


The client wanted to promote his new tree cutting crane to his customers. My challenge was to somehow capture all the abilities of the machine in a short clip while on the other hand keeping it exciting and informative for the audience.

First of all I had to study the benefits myself and find out what the target audience wants to hear. Then funnel the information in storyboard frames.

An environment friendly monster.


The corporate identity of the company was based on an environmental friendly, tree hugging gardeners theme. However, now they had a tree cutting monster that they wanted to promote. I had to find a balance so I aligned my ideas to “we cut trees for the good of the environment”.

I created a storyboard, briefed the camera guys, went to the shootings myself. I actually went with my bosses SUV and managed to get it stranded in a swamp in the middle of the forest. It had to get towed out with another monster crane.

Now if this not enough reason to show this project in my portfolio then I don’t know what is.

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