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The user journey optimized.


The client already had a running photo book printing shop. Users were only buying his photo books and none of the other products, such as posters or business cards. The existing webshop was also not mobile-friendly. So I looked into the customer journey and did some modifications. I also redesigned some aspects of the website.

Web based editing software.


Initially you had to download a software, which was complex and not user-friendly. I broke down the functions of the editing software and integrated it into the website in 3 simple steps: upload your image, select your product and customise. That’s it.

Product icons instead of drop down menus.


The product selection was originally built on a select-through-dropdown menu concept. I redesigned the concept by adding icons to each product name in order to create a better visual overview of all products available.
The client was happy to stay with icons from the font Awesome. I extended the font’s palette in order to stay in line with the brand identity..

Print on the go.


The optimum goal of the responsive design was to allow users to use photos on their smartphones. Now they could easily order prints online.

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