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Dafi Fools

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Foto Fahad


DJ Duo. Electro. Techno.


Dafi Fools are 2 DJs, born in Iran, consituted in Hungary, now living in Norway and UAE. That leverage of multiculturalism is non deniable in the tonality of their music. It allows you to travel in space and time. Wherever they take me, I enjoy the ride.



Tehransit is a radio platform, reaching the all niche subcultures in Iran. Dafi Fools recorded an album for them. The sets were aligned to the taste of the audience, that’s why the design is an ode to the underground electro music emerging from Tehran.

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Album art is the only way to visually recognize a song, whether its SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Smart-TV or a simple car radio. I undertook lots of testing and created guidelines that help building designs scalable to every player out there.

Fan peripheralia.


These items are mostly used and created for the road, while on tour. I had the honour to accompany them on two tours. First in 2011, when promoting their ‘Tehran Burning’ album (T-Shirt on the right), second in 2014, on the Balaton summer tour (T-Shirt on the left).

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