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Web design


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Combi Lift GmbH

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Dominik Obertreis (Photography)

Miriam Sommer (Art Direction)

Ready, steady, WordPress.


In a short amount of time I had to create a running website with a CMS backend. My saviour in such times is WordPress. With a given foundation of a template and my favourite mix of plug-ins and scripts, I use PHP and CSS to mold my objectives in web design.

Here, the brand- and the design-manual was already given. My task was to implement the digital art direction of this identity.

Images do the talking.


An interesting struggle we had was the photography briefing and image placement. The logistics industry is heavily dependant on reputation and the customers’ trust. Therefore we used descriptive photography of high quality to allow the brand to become more trustworthy.

Employees do the talking.

It was very important for the client that all direct telephone numbers of the company’s management team are listed on the page. This customer friendly approach enables the user to call for troubleshooting.
Presenting a face to the names creates a more personal touch and makes searching for a specific person easier.

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