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Miriam Sommer (CD)

A Swiss communications agency.


My former employer wanted to expand her business in Switzerland by opening up a design agency, focused on the Southern German market. She was Swiss herself and loved everything about the Swiss identity.
The brand was to embody the idea that German clients can achieve their corporate communication targets in Switzerland with this agency.

The story behind.


She loved the aura of mount Matterhorn and saw it as her leitmotiv. “Have you been to the top?”, I asked her. “Not yet, I’d love to though.“ „How big is it?” Then google entered the conversation and explained: “4,478 meters.“ Then the idea started its adventure.

Serious Swiss red. Real Swiss red.


Both reds used in this design are a manipulated versions for the actual red in the Swiss flag. ‘Serious Swiss’ is more matt and takes care of the business side of things while ‘Real Swiss’ appears when the brand strikes.

Every showcase is a journey to the top.


The client’s superpower was her network of experts. For many years she had developed several big brands, such as Daimler. Her collaborations are now recorded in notebooks. Each showcase got its own book. Each book portraits an adventure, a journey to the top.

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