A good old boring biography?
Not my cup of tea!
Karak Chai (ceylon tea with condensed cardamom milk) however, is indeed my favourite cup of tea.

Like Karak Chai, I too come from the UAE. I grew up in a Persian family, went to a British school, lived in a melting pot of cultures. I mean, literally melting:  it’s >55°C in the summer. So in 2006 off I came to the cooler Germany.


In Germany, I learned how to separate garbage – although I still don’t wash out my Nutella jar before recycling… I also received my Bachelor of Arts at the University of the Arts in Bremen.

I’m not a native, but a digital native. If you leave me on an island, all I need is my Hackintosh, keyboard, mouse and a book (to use as a mousepad).

I create concepts, interfaces and animations. I really enjoy using my skills to help the interaction between humans, computers and information. So let me know if I can help you with your ideas.

Been working since 2008. I have started to love coffee ever since. There is only one more thing I love more than coffee and that is a great little man that I became the father of in 2015. Since then, life has been a chocolate box full of my favourite chocolates.

And now, my family of three have decided to take the next step and move to Berlin. They have the best Shawarma in the country and boy what I would do to have one of those right now. So here I am applying for jobs in Berlin.

Skills and Tools


Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Muse, Premiere, Stop Motion, Sharpie & Notebook


Indesign, XD, Invision, Sketch, WordPress, Google Web Designer, Audition


Cinema 4D, Blender, Origami, Axure

Basic Knowledge



English, German, Farsi, Arabic


Creativity, Daydreaming, Different thinking, Persistence

And here I am!

Calling is so 2016.

Write me up and ill get back to you.

Write me up!

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